“In 2003, I found myself on the brink of divorce after 9 years of marriage. Lost without a clue, I called numerous attorneys and thankfully found Merrilee Harmon. As a man fighting for custody of his two daughters, Merrilee sat me down and walked me through the entire process. After two days in court, I am happy to say I received everything I was asking for. Merrilee Harmon is an amazing attorney and I recommend her to everybody! I owe her a lifetime of gratitude for giving me my girls!”


“Attorney Merrilee Harmon has helped me, and unfortunately is still helping me, through a very difficult divorce. She is effective, intelligent, and honest. She knows family law very well and has a proven record of success. She is patient, and is very good at keeping my emotions in check. If you are in need of a expert family lawyer to represent you, Merrilee Harmon is the best in the business.”