Waco Timeshare Lawyer

A Waco timeshare attorney is a priority because finding a lawyer who understands the nuances of timeshares is essential. Our Waco timeshare attorney will scrutinize each detail of your timeshare contract. We offer you a free consultation to discuss all your doubts and help understand your timeshare situation. 

What laws apply to Texas Timeshare Sales? 

Timeshare developers and salespeople are prohibited from deceptive trade practices by Texas Property Code Section 221.071. That law provides that a seller cannot make false statements about features, right to use periods, and exchange capabilities. Texas also prohibits the seller from predicting immediate price increases or value. 

Timeshare Foreclosure Laws in Texas

A lender can foreclose on a timeshare mortgage. To start that process, the seller must tell the buyer that the mortgage is in default. The purchaser then has 60 days to file a dispute. Having a timeshare lawyer review these notices help ensure that our clients’ rights are protected. If you need more help with Texas timeshare law, we encourage you to contact our Waco timeshare attorneys at 254-753-6437. 

Vance Dunnam, Jr. is a real estate law specialist. He is board-certified in both residential real estate law and commercial real estate law. 

Vance Dunnam Waco Attorney at Dunnam & Dunnam

Vance Dunnam, Jr.

Vance has been licensed by the State Bar of Texas since 1977 and has practiced law in Waco, Texas since 1978.

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