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Consumer protection laws protect people against deceptive and fraudulent practices. If you believe that you have lost money in a deceitful business, you may obtain your loss by filing a claim. Dunnam & Dunnam can serve your interests. Call 254-753-6437 for a free introductory consultation with a Waco consumer attorney. 

Since 1925, we have provided individualized attention to every consumer law client. We find the approach to pursue in your case and do not back down from significant corporate interests. Central Texans have come to us when it matters most for generations. Let us help you too. 

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Consumer fraud is generally an unfair, fraudulent, or illegal business practice that enriches someone at the expense of a consumer. This type of consumer fraud can occur in many different market segments, including banking, consumer products and services, insurance, manufacturing and distribution with defective products, and telemarketing. 

Examples of deceptive practices involving consumers often involve:

  • Undisclosed or unauthorized early termination fees. These are often seen in areas involving cable, cellphone, phone, satellite television, or other everyday consumer products and services.
  • Undisclosed or unauthorized credit card or bank charges, as seen in credit card statements, bank statements, phone bills, or utility bills.
  • Insurance, banking, or financial investments that do not accurately or thoroughly disclose surrender charges and penalties.
  • Undisclosed and unauthorized charges by equipment leasing companies and rental car companies. 
  • Prepaid phone, credit, and debit cards that do not allow consumers to enjoy the full value of the purchased ticket.
  • False and misleading advertising by product manufacturers, food manufacturers, vitamin manufacturers, car and vehicle manufacturers, and others.

Waco Consumer Protection Lawyers 

Our Waco consumer protection attorneys represent consumers against companies who violate federal and state laws. Consumer actions can arise from many different kinds of wrongful conduct by sellers, manufacturers, debt collectors, financial institutions, and other companies. Some of the more common types of illegal conduct include:

  • Billing Fraud. Unfair and deceptive billing practices, such as improper auto-renewal charges and hidden fees;
  • False Advertising. Misleading or untrue statements regarding a product or service, such as misleading product labeling, false representations about product features, or misleading information regarding product pricing. 
  • Unfair Bank and Lender Practices. Hidden charges, overcharges, or other improper charges by banks, lenders, and other financial institutions;
  • Unfair Debt Collection Practices. Deceptive and abusive tactics in collecting debts, such as misrepresenting the amount or status of the debt, undue pressure to pay, etc.
  • Robocalls and Spam. Unsolicited calls, text messages, and faxes by companies violate the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

Consumer actions are often pursued as class actions, depending on the company’s wrongful conduct and the number of people impacted. Because there is strength in numbers, individuals can use class actions to enforce the law and obtain compensation against corporations on behalf of numerous victims. Class actions also disincentivize companies stealing just a little bit of money from a lot of people. 

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Waco Texas Consumer Law Attorneys

The consumer law attorneys at Dunnam & Dunnam routinely help clients in Waco, Texas, Central Texas, and beyond. Consumer law involves claims arising under the Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA), unlawful debt collection practices, fair credit reporting, breaches of warranties and other consumer transactions, including the legal remedies available where those transactions cause property damage, mental anguish and other loss.

Consumer Law includes the preparation and review of legal documents, the resolution of legal disputes by negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation, and the furnishing of other legal advice and services, all concerning matters such as those involving:

The following attorneys at Dunnam and Dunnam engage in the practice of Consumer Law:

Vance Dunnam Waco Attorney at Dunnam & Dunnam

Vance Dunnam

Vance has 60 years of experience as a lawyer in Waco, Texas handling all types of cases in both the office and the courtroom.

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Vance Dunnam Waco Attorney at Dunnam & Dunnam

Vance Dunnam, Jr.

Vance has been licensed by the State Bar of Texas since 1977 and has practiced law in Waco, Texas since 1978.

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Jim Dunnam Waco Attorney at Dunnam & Dunnam

Jim Dunnam

Jim Dunnam is a Board Certified Specialist in both Civil Trial Law and Family Law.

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Eleeza Johnson Attorney at Law Dunnam & Dunam

Eleeza Johnson

Eleeza's practice areas include: Personal Injury Law, Civil Trial Law, Commercial Law, Family Law and Pharmaceutical Law.

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Mason Dunnam

Mason Dunnam is the fourth generation of Dunnam attorneys at the firm since 1925

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