Dunnam & Dunnam provides a comprehensive spectrum of legal services that ensure our law office can focus on the litigation, corporate, and private interests of our clients. By tailoring strategies, advice, and counsel to our client’s goals, we deliver vital solutions to the complex legal issues presented to our clients.

Our law firm has lawyers board certified in six practice areas. There are big-city law firms with hundreds of lawyers that don’t have the breadth of board-certified lawyers as the Waco law office of Dunnam & Dunnam. We provide a full range of legal services to handle most legal matters. Since 1925, our staff has represented Central Texans. All eleven attorneys and nine legal assistants handle each client’s case timely and professionally, with proven results. When you have a legal issue, call the Waco law firm of Dunnam & Dunnam at 254-753-6437, so we can inform you about the rights you have available to you.

If you, your family, or your company needs help or has questions, contact us for a free legal consultation. To learn more about those services and the attorneys providing them, we invite you to use the navigation links below:

Appellate Law

Our appellate lawyers regularly appeal cases that attack a trial judge's ruling

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Business Law

Dunnam & Dunnam business law attorneys focus on business transactions

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Civil Trial Law

Our team resolves civil disputes by superb trial advocacy

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Commercial Law

Dunnam & Dunnam commercial lawyers focus on commercial transactions and disputes

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Consumer Law

Our consumer law attorneys litigate claims arising under unlawful debt collection practices, fair credit reporting, breaches of warranties and other consumer protected transactions

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Criminal Law

Dunnam & Dunnam criminal law attorneys defend against the government's prosecution and punishment

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waco elder law attorney

Elder Law

Dunnam & Dunnam elder law attorneys give advice and representation in cases involving the legal rights of the elderly

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Estate Planning Law Firm

Estate Planning

Our estate planning lawyers give advice about probate, wills, estate plans, administration and are involved in estate and trust litigation

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Family Law

Dunnam & Dunnam lawyers are sought after in cases about the legal rights and duties involving the relationships between spouses, parents, children, other relatives, and domestic partners

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Guardianship Law

Our guardianship lawyers give legal advice and services concerning matters of guardianship

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Immigration Law

Dunnam & Dunnam attorneys advise and represent individuals concerning their immigration status

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Intellectual Property Waco

Intellectual Property

Choose intellectual property lawyers with experience winning trials in Waco federal court

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Waco Local Counsel

People who know choose Dunnam & Dunnam first in Waco because we understand the nuances of the judges and juries

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Patent Law

We have secured multi-million dollar verdicts in intellectual property cases in the Waco federal court

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Personal Injury

Dunnam & Dunnam attorneys are sought after for legal disputes involving the physically injured

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Real Estate Law

Our real estate lawyers give advice about the legal rights and duties applicable to the acquisition, ownership, possession, usage, and transfer of real estate

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