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Chapter 6 of the Texas Family Code explains how you can annul your marriage. If you are involved in an annulment situation, call Dunnam & Dunnam’s Waco annulment lawyers at 254-753-6437. Annulments are rare. How does one get a marriage annulled in Texas?

For example, annulment is possible if a spouse lied about their capacity to have children or that they had reached the age of consent, when they had not, or if they are still married to someone else. If you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the marriage and did not have the capacity to consent, it may be annulled. Other issues may include whether or not your spouse suffers from impotency, if the other party used fraud, duress or force to induce you to marry, or either did not have mental capacity to marry due to mental illness. In other cases, you may annul your marriage if your spouse did not reveal to you the fact of having divorced another person within the past 30 days, you were married within 72 hours of receiving your marriage license, or one of you is under the age of consent.

If you entered a marriage not fully aware of one of these issues, you could be eligible for an annulment. There are strict guidelines for qualifying for an annulment under the above circumstances however. For example, if you married while intoxicated but voluntarily cohabited with your spouse after becoming sober, the judge will not annul the marriage. Similarly, you must prove that you had no knowledge of your spouse’s recent divorce.

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