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When a Waco court annuls your marriage, it’s as if the marriage never happened. The legal annulment process is where the family court finds that the marriage is void or not legally valid due to particular circumstances. Annulments are rare in Texas. If you are involved in an annulment situation, call Dunnam & Dunnam’s Waco annulment lawyers at 254-753-6437. Our Waco family law firm has the experience, skill, and ability to get the job done right. 

How do you get a marriage annulled in Texas? 

An annulment dissolves a marriage for misconduct before the marriage, while divorce dissolves the marriage for reasons that developed after the marriage. 

An annulment is possible if a spouse lied about their capacity to have children or reached the age of consent when they had not, or if they are still married to someone else. If you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the marriage and could not consent, it may be annulled. Other issues might include whether or not your spouse has impotence if the other party used fraud, duress, or force to induce you to marry or did not have the mental capacity to marry due to mental illness. In other cases, you may annul your marriage if your spouse did not reveal to you the fact of having divorced another person within the past 30 days, you were married within 72 hours of receiving your marriage license, or one of you is under the age of consent. Chapter 6 of the Texas Family Code explains how you can annul your marriage. Our Waco family law attorneys can help you steer this process.  

I want to annul my marriage in Texas. 

Annulments and divorce are two ways to end a marriage legally. But it is crucial to know that a few significant differences between the two under Texas family law. It’s vital that a person seeking an annulment act quickly because conduct after the wedding can make an annulment impossible. 

You could be eligible for an annulment if you have experienced one of the reasons for the annulment explained above. Don’t risk jeopardizing your right to a marriage annulment by waiting too long. There are strict guidelines for qualifying for an annulment under the above circumstances. For example, if you married while intoxicated but voluntarily cohabited with your spouse after becoming sober, the judge will not annul the marriage. 

If you are involved in an annulment in Waco, our lawyers can help. We are a family-owned law firm that values personalized care and takes the time to build trust so that we can better serve you. There is no case too big or small for us to handle. We have a diverse team of family law attorneys. With 95 years of experience, we have done it all.  

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