Business Acquisition & Mergers in Waco Texas

Lawyers for business owners buying or selling a business in Waco 

Mergers and acquisitions are part of the solution for all business owners. Your small business may become noticed by a more substantial business that wants to buy the company that you have built. And there are times when a company has difficulty with its financials, and a buyout may be in the company’s best interest.  

Merger and acquisitions is an area where a business owner needs superb legal advice from an experienced M&A lawyer. Our law firm supports business owners with our business law background and practical negotiation skills to help you through mergers or acquisitions. If you are buying or selling a business, you should ensure that a law firm represents your interests in these transactions so you can succeed. 

Our business attorneys provide corporate counsel in business mergers and acquisitions for business owners. This M&A practice incorporates corporate negotiations and agreement drafting. Our mergers and acquisition services include:

Negotiating letters of intent: A strong LOI negotiation can establish proper guidelines for the entire transaction.

Overseeing due diligence: We help a business’s financial advisers to streamline the due diligence work.

Preparing a business for sale: We test the company’s corporate structure and compliance to make sure that any impediments to the transaction are found and resolved before the business begins to market the company. 

Negotiating and documenting the transactions: We ensure that the proper documentation protects both the seller and the buyer in the transactions involving the sale of a business. 

Establish a reference point structure for acquisition: We help Waco business owners through the possible sale methods. 

What is the difference between a merger and an acquisition? 

A merger is when two companies combine to create a new one. An acquisition is a process where a company purchases another entity that is absorbed into it. In an acquisition, the company that was bought does not exist after the transaction. 

Merger and Acquisition Lawyer in Waco, Texas

Merger and acquisition law is complicated. There are many paths to investigate. You need to ensure that the other entities do not take advantage of you. While this can be overwhelming, this is just part of the process. Your merger or acquisition is a contract. After agreeing on a fair price, the buyer and seller must agree on covenants, warranties, and other stipulations in the M&A agreement. The seller does not want an undervalued purchase price or to be held to unreasonable demands by the buyer. A purchaser of a company wants certain guarantees from the seller. If you hire a Waco business attorney at Dunnam & Dunnam for your merger and acquisition, we will protect your interests. Call us at 254-753-6437 to discuss your transaction. Let our knowledge and experience work for you. Contact Dunnam & Dunnam if you are examining the possibility of a merger or acquisition in Texas.