Accused of Manslaughter in McLennan County?

Causing the death of another unintentionally is something everyone wants to avoid. When accused of manslaughter, the defendant often feels their own personal remorse while still facing the judgment of the state. The pressure of this situation requires the skilled guidance of a board-certified criminal defense lawyer. Thomas C. West is a former prosecutor of manslaughter cases, which is critical experience to understand how to spot weakness in the district attorney’s case. Call him at 254-753-6437 to schedule a consultation.

Waco Manslaughter Attorney

The prosecutors want to see the accused convicted. You need someone on your side as a committed advocate for your side of the story. Attorney Thomas West is a board certified criminal defense attorney in Waco with more than 20 years of experience as a defense attorney and a prosecutor.

Manslaughter in Texas

In Texas, manslaughter consists of causing the death of another person due to recklessness on your part. The charge of manslaughter is a form of homicide, but unlike murder, doesn’t require that the defendant had intent to kill a person.

Accused of Intoxication Manslaughter

When a DWI results in the death of another person, it is known as intoxication manslaughter. Like standard manslaughter, intoxication manslaughter is a second degree felony that can result in up to a $10,000 fine, between 2 and 20 years in prison, at least 240 hours of community service, and/or a probationary community supervision sentence.

Criminally Negligent Homicide in Waco

When an individual has a duty to perform a service or provide protection to someone else, and negligent acts on their part results in the death of their charge, that individual is charged with criminally negligent homicide. This state jail felony offense must involve an explicit duty of the individual toward the alleged victim.

To convict a defendant of criminally negligent homicide, the state must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there was a duty owed by the defendant to the victim and that it was primarily a result of negligent acts that the victim died.

Assisted Suicide in Waco

Though helping someone commit suicide is viewed as second degree manslaughter in many states, the Texas Penal Code (§22.08) views it as an assaultive offense. This means that its penalties roughly correspond to those of assault charges in Texas.
Aiding suicide is a Class C misdemeanor if the suicide attempt fails and no one is seriously hurt. If the suicide attempt is successful or results in serious bodily harm, the defendant being charged with aiding the suicide attempt is charged with a state jail felony.

What is Texas manslaughter law?

To convict a defendant of manslaughter, prosecutors must be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant recklessly caused the death of another individual. There is no requirement of premeditation to this crime and no requirement for there to be intent or knowledge on the part of the defendant. The only requirement is that the defendant’s conduct was reckless.

Common Defenses to Manslaughter Charges?

There are several different types of defenses to the crime of manslaughter. Please speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney like Thomas West to learn if any of them are available in your specific situation. Insanity Self-defense, “Heat of passion” defense (i.e. The defendant was provoked to commit the crime by fear, rage, terror or some other extreme emotion.)

Hire a Waco Manslaughter Defense Lawyer

If you have been accused of manslaughter in Waco, you need an aggressive, experienced criminal defense attorney on your side. Talk to a board-certified criminal defense lawyer before talking to anyone else. Former Waco prosecutor Thomas C. West is board-certified in criminal law and knows how to spot weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. Call him for a free case evaluation at 254-753-6437.