Securities Fraud

These are complex matters requiring qualified legal understanding and capability to successfully deliver results. Our firm is equipped with the resources and lawyers to thoroughly investigate claims of securities fraud. We take a tenacious approach for clients, achieving the results we aim for while facing some of the fiercest firms in the country. We represent U.S. and international clients nationwide in securities fraud class-action litigation, including cases involving:

  • Accounting fraud
  • Restatements
  • Untrue projections
  • Undisclosed problems
  • Insider trading
  • Initial public offerings
  • Market manipulation
  • Violations of the FCPA

Shareholders often feel at a disadvantage seeking recovery from large companies with formidable legal representation. At Dunnam&Dunnam, we level the playing field, investigating matters independently, managing complex litigation and delivering results.

Each case is different, but typical securities fraud class-action lawsuits take two to three years to resolve. Our Texas-based securities fraud attorneys fight to recover the amount of total loss suffered by all class members, and we handle all the upfront costs of litigation. From start to finish, our law firm covers every detail. As our client, we guide you through the legal process step-by-step and work carefully to protect your best interests and assets.

We hold corporate officers accountable for fraudulent actions such as false or misleading financial statements, insider trading and other violations of the FCPA. We make pursuing your investment losses caused by fraud economically feasible.