“Thomas West represented me in a criminal matter and did a fabulous job. I was very happy with the way he handled my case an the end result was great. I would say to anyone in any kind of trouble to call Thomas West, he treated me and represented like I was his son.”

-Client wishes to remain anonymous

“Having children who attended college in Waco led to a good education and wonderful memories, except for that one night when poor decisions were made, clouded by alcohol. I live in East Texas and needed a local Waco attorney to represent my child. I wanted someone who knew the local system, the prosecutors and Judges. I know many of the attorneys in my home town and was given the name of Thomas West by the most prominent criminal defense lawyer in East Texas if not in the entire state of Texas. This referral was truly a blessing. He was able to work with the district attorney and court to obtain the best possible outcome for my child. I truly believe that when you pick a lawyer, that experience and knowledge of the local legal community in extremely important. Thomas has those attributes. He is very personable and has a fair and reasonable fee structure. In my profession, I have worked with many lawyers over the years. I think I know a good one when I see one and Thomas is a good one. I have worked with Mr. West on more than one instance and have been pleased with his services. If I ever need legal counsel in McLennan County, Texas, I will ask for Thomas West.”


“Thomas West is a fabulous attorney who handled a legal situation an acquaintance of mine encountered and did so flawlessly. Interestingly, most of the process, at least until its final resolution, was handled long-distance which could have adversely impacted the level of service. Thomas did an outstanding job. His experience and his level of professionalism was evident throughout the process. I endorse Thomas without hesitation.”

-Ric C.

“Thomas is one of the best attorneys in Waco an very highly respected by his peers. He has represented me on several occasions for various different issues, I have recommended several friends to him all very satisfied with his work. In fact, I have never heard of one single case that he has lost, he is also very honest and a family and church going man with high values, I have called him several times after hours, even on Sundays, and he has never failed to answer the phone. I own eleven different businesses and have between 28 an 32 employees at all times any time they need anything I tell them to call Thomas West he always takes care of their needs, and I have never heard of even one dissatisfied person.”


“When I was in college, I engaged in a series of pranks that resulted in my arrest and the potential derailment of my future. A friend of a friend recommended Thomas West, indicating that he was a very capable criminal defense lawyer. I decided to hire Thomas West and found him to be very knowledgeable of criminal law. Throughout my dealings with him, I found him to be professional, punctual, and adept at keeping me informed of matters relating to my case.

In the end, Thomas West was able to have all of my charges dropped in exchange for community service and my arrest expunged. I can not even begin to describe how grateful I am for his capable service that ultimately resulted in the maintenance of my clean criminal record, and thus the preservation of my future aspiration.”

-Client wishes to remain anonymous

“I highly recommend Mr. Thomas West to anyone. He is a man and an attorney who is true to his word and delivers results. I am glad I have Thomas as a lawyer, but mostly as a friend that I can count on when needed.

My name is Suzanne and I am writing a review on my lawyer Mr. Thomas West. I live in Waco, Texas and I am 48 years old. I am divorced with two wonderful boys who are my whole life. I graduated from Texas A&M University and I am a very proud Aggie. I am not very proud to say however, that I needed the assistance from Thomas to help me out of a very stupid situation that I was involved in. I found Thomas from an attorney friend of mine who highly recommended him to me. Thomas immediately met with me and we discussed my situation and how best to handle the circumstances. Unfortunately, before I could obtain his services I ended up in McLennan County Jail. My foolish mistakes were more costly than my family was willing to pay and I was directed to find a court appointed attorney. I was very hesitant in doing so as this person would not know me from anyone else, much less care about my situation.

To sum up this dreaded nightmare, I brought upon myself, I am safely at home. Thomas West delivered on his word and made a swear to myself that I would never end up in that horrible place again. My parents did not raise me to behave like a criminal. I had let my desire for alcohol turn me into someone I hated to see in the mirror. I had reached my ultimate lowest. I have since put myself back in school and am obtaining my masters in Addiction Counseling. My goal is to help people with these horrible addictions while ultimately helping myself. I am not going to tell you that Thomas West was the reason for this, but I will tell you because he did not judge me, make me feel as low as I had become, I stood strong with him by my side in court and held my head high and knew in my heart and soul that I am a much better person.”