Waco Bank Robbery Lawyer

Bank robbery is the stealing of money from a bank during regular business hours. Like other forms of robbery, the money or goods are taken (or an attempt is made to take them) through intimidation, threats, force or violence. If the theft occurs when the bank is closed, it is considered burglary.

This type of robbery is also a felony, which means harsher penalties for a conviction. The degree of force or violence used during a bank robbery can have an impact on the severity of the sentencing. If you have been charged with bank robbery, contact a federal criminal defense attorney immediately. In cases like these, you need legal representation from experienced trial lawyers with federal court experience.

Since most banks are federally insured, bank robbery is typically a federal crime. If the robbery is conducted by two or more individuals, there will likely be a charge of conspiracy to commit bank robbery. During the trial, various aspects of the crime will be addressed, including:

  • Amount of money taken
  • Injury or harm to others during the robbery
  • Number of victims
  • Accomplices
  • Use of firearms
  • Use of a stolen vehicle
  • Prior criminal history

Depending on the circumstances, bank robbery can have a five year statute of limitations. Since this is a federal offense, both local law enforcement agencies and the FBI will likely be involved in the criminal investigation.

How are bank robbers caught?

A combination of video cameras and dye packs lead to the most arrests for bank robbery.Tellers at banks use “dye-packs” that release a chemical onto any money in the bag. Witnesses will also identify individuals involved and even follow them until the police arrive.

A bank robbery with the use of a note meets the requirement that fear or force was used. Even without a gun being shown, most tellers will testify that upon receiving the note that instructed them to give the money that they feared for their lives.

Prosecutors often use eyewitness identifications in bank robbery cases. A lot of problems are developed through an eyewitness. For example, law enforcement officers have been known to use “suggestive line-ups” that can also be attacked by a criminal defense lawyer  A suggestive line is often when one of the persons stands out, such as the color of the background, or the person is wearing a different colored shirt. Law enforcement wants the eye witness to pick the different one because they already arrested that person.

Waco Bank Robbery Attorney

Bank robberies carry serious consequences that can destroy your future. If you were arrested for a bank robbery in Waco, you need an aggressive, experienced bank robbery attorney on your side. We have defended criminal cases in Waco for nearly 100 years. We know how to spot weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. Call us for a free case evaluation at 254-753-6437. You can read our frequently asked questions about criminal law while you wait on your appointment.