Waco Expunction and Order of Non-disclosure of Criminal Records in McLennan County

Article 55 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure allows persons who were not prosecuted to expunge (erase) their arrest record(s) if all of the requirements are met. There are many traps and loop-holes that need an experienced criminal defense attorney to successfully clean a not-so-flattering criminal history. We all make mistakes, but with the right facts and attorney they can be cleaned up.

Section 481 of the Texas Government allows persons who successfully completed Deferred Adjudication Probation to petition the court, with some exceptions, to enter an Order of Non-disclosure regarding the arrest and probation.

Need an expunction in McLennan County or non-disclosure in Waco?

An experienced criminal defense attorney is necessary to navigate the statutory requirements and help erase or cover up past indiscretions. A Waco expunction attorney can help the local defendant with critical information about the local judge, jury and prosecutors. Thomas West has the local understanding required. Waco defense lawyer Thomas C. West is a former prosecutor. He is board certified in Criminal Law, which is a distinction held by very few criminal defense attorneys. If you need an aggressive criminal defense attorney in Waco, call Thomas West at 254-753-6437.