Waco Federal Conspiracy Attorney

One of the more complicated crimes under federal law is the criminal act of conspiracy. Any time that two or more parties agree to commit a crime or to accomplish some legal end through the commission of illegal actions, this is considered conspiracy. The planning of the crime does not have to be done in secret and federal law does not require any proof of intent to actually injure specific parties. This is a serious offense and if you have been arrested for conspiracy, you should enlist the help of a Waco conspiracy defense attorney as soon as possible.

What is the crime of conspiracy in the Western District of Texas?

Conspiracy can involve only a general intent to break the law – specifics of a criminal act do not have to be planned out to justify a charge or arrest. Common examples of conspiracy often surround criminal acts such as money laundering, drug crimes, weapons offenses, and bank robberies. These cases can be very complex due to multiple numbers of “co-conspirators” being involved in such an act and the dynamics of law enforcement pressure or wiretaps. Each person involved in a conspiracy can be held legally liable for another co-conspirator’s illegal actions, and statements of one party against another can be used in trial proceedings. This can mean that having a legal team well-versed in procedure and federal law on your side is critical in the full protection of your rights.

Waco Conspiracy Lawyer

Conspiracy crime convictions carry serious consequences that can destroy your future. If you were arrested for conspiracy in Waco, you need an aggressive, experienced conspiracy defense attorney on your side. Talk to a board-certified criminal defense lawyer before talking to anyone else. Former Waco prosecutor Thomas C. West is board-certified in criminal law and knows how to spot weaknesses in the prosecution’s conspiracy case. Call him for a free case evaluation at 254-753-6437.