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Forgery is a kind of crime involving altering or falsely drafting any document. The term “document” is defined broadly in Texas forgery law, and it can include items such as coins and trademarks. Here are a few types of forgery:

  • Bank or mortgage fraud
  • Modifying a will or deed of trust
  • Copyright or trademark infringement
  • Manufacture of counterfeit money
  • Using a lost or stolen credit card

There are many kinds of forgery violations, such as criminal simulation, trademark counterfeiting, and stealing or receiving a stolen check. Passing or attempting to pass a forged document is a felony under most circumstances; however, some forgery type charges are based upon the value.

Forgery against an elderly person makes the punishment one degree higher. A person is presumed to intend to defraud or harm another if the person acts for two or more writings of the same type and if each is a government record listed in Section 37.01.

Theft by check forgery is a common crime. Was it all merely a misunderstanding, or did you make a bad mistake? Forgery is a serious offense that carries severe penalties and long-term results. Our prime focus is working to dismiss or reduce charges. The prosecutor is often more interested in full restitution and a fine than seeing you go to prison. Our Waco criminal defense lawyers will do everything to keep you from having a conviction on your record. 

Forgery crimes are generally complicated. And the prosecutor’s case is often uncertain. We work to study the details and present the most vigorous legal defense possible. We are determined to succeed in helping you protect your rights and your freedom.

Punishments for Forgery in Waco, Texas 

Forgery cases can end with many different results. Some punishments are more severe because they have a worse impact on victims’ lives. A judge considers various factors when deciding on the proper sentence for a forgery:

  • The value of the property in question
  • The number of times that the scheme was carried out
  • The number of people who were affected by the crime
  • Whether the defendant is a minor
  • Whether the offense involved a will, mortgage or deed of trust

The penalties for forgery can vary greatly. In some cases, forgery is punished with only a fine. In other situations, forgery can result in 20 years in jail. For these reasons, those who are accused of committing forgery should take these allegations very seriously.

Fighting a Forgery Case

A skilled criminal defense attorney who is hired to defend against forgery charges must review all evidence. Your criminal defense attorney might find an honest mistake in record-keeping that explains the misunderstanding. Also, a forgery lawyer will interrogate witnesses to ensure that people who testify for the government do not have any underlying motives.

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Choosing the best attorney to defend you is crucial if you were arrested on forgery charges. It would be best if you had a lawyer who will go the extra mile with the best possible defense. That someone should be tough enough to stand up for your rights. We will use our decades of experience to work for a successful outcome in your forgery case.

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