Waco Minor in Possession Lawyer

Minors, persons less than 21 years of age, face a “zero tolerance” policy that exposes persons possessing or consuming alcohol to criminal penalties and blemishes on the permanent record. If the minor can receive deferred adjudication probation and successfully complete the requirements, then an experienced attorney can help one expunge (erase) that record. Multiple or repeat offenses lead to driver license suspensions.

McLennan County Minor in Consumption Attorney

An experienced criminal defense attorney is necessary to fight these charges and help a person navigate the treacherous road and all of the pitfalls of intoxication charges. A Waco Minor in Possession attorney can help the local defendant with critical information about the local judge, jury and prosecutors. Thomas West has the local understanding required. Waco defense lawyer Thomas C. West is a former prosecutor. He is board certified in Criminal Law, which is a distinction held by very few criminal defense attorneys. If you need an aggressive white collar criminal defense attorney in Waco, call Thomas West at 254-753-6437.