Elder Law

If you need a Elder Law law firm or Elder Law attorney in Waco, Texas, or Central Texas, Dunnam and Dunnam and its attorneys are here to help you.

Elder Law concerns the legal rights and duties of the elderly, including the legal remedies available where the elderly suffer wrongful death, personal injury, or property damage or loss.

Elder Law is involved in the preparation and review of legal documents, the resolultion of legal disputes by negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation, and the furnishing of other legal advice and services, all concerning matters such as those involving:

  • Simple wills and trusts
  • Complex wills and trusts
  • Non-Testamentary transfers involving:
    • Living trusts
    • Qualified retirement plans
    • Life insurance beneficiary designations
    • Right of survivorship agreements
    • Pay-on-death agreements
    • Trust account agreements
  • Durable general powers of attorneys
  • Medical powers of attorneys
  • HIPPA authorization for the release of confidential medical information
  • Directive to physicians, commonly known as living wills
  • Directive for disposition of bodily remains
  • Declarations of guardianship
  • Medicare issues
  • Medicaid issues
  • Miller trusts
  • Special need trusts
  • Creditor protection issues
  • Retirement issues
  • Nursing home injuries
  • Will contests
  • Estate litigation
  • Trust litigation
  • Other Estate Planning – Probate Law related issues

The following attorneys at Dunnam and Dunnam engage in the practice of Elder Law:

Vance Dunnam, Jr.

Vance has been licensed by the State Bar of Texas since 1977 and has practiced law in Waco, Texas since 1978.

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