Waco Texas Will Contest Attorneys

Central Texas will contest lawyers at Dunnam & Dunnam have decades of experience in such matters. A Will Contest occurs when there is something wrong with a Will. In some instances the Testator did not have actual “testamentary capacity” or “testamentary intent” to draft a proper Will. In such a situation the Will is not valid and interested parties including a beneficiary or heir that was disinherited or lost inheritance through the invalid Will can contest the Will as being invalid. Waco Texas will contest lawyers can be contacted at 254-753-6437.

Common Grounds for a Will Contests

There are several reasons that a Will may be contested including 1) the Will was written under the influence from another person, 2) the Decedent was not of sound mind when the Will was written, 3) the Will is a forged or fraudulent document, 4) the Will is not up to date and leaves out children or does not take into account a divorce or remarriage, 5) the Will was not witnessed or signed correctly, and 6) the Will was improperly done and does not comply with Texas law.

A Will Contest

The Texas Probate Code gives interested persons two years after a Will has been admitted to probate to institute a suit to contest a Will. There are two exceptions to this rule that can extend this statute of limitations beyond two years. These exceptions include 1) contests based upon forgery or fraud or 2) contests brought on behalf of an incapacitated person (such as a minor) who recovers capacity.

Need to contest a last will and testament in Waco?

If you are involved in a will contest, it’s important to have lawyers on your side who understand the nuances of estate litigation and civil trial law. At Dunnam & Dunnam, we have board-certified attorneys who specialize in both estate planning and probate law in addition to civil trial law. Call us for a free consultation about a dispute involving a will in Waco.

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