Protective Orders Lawyer in Central Texas

Restraining orders are typically issued by Texas courts in family law cases involving domestic violence or stalking. A judge may grant an order of protection when someone is arrested on family violence charges, or a spouse can file a petition with the court requesting protection.

The judge will hold a hearing separate from any criminal charges and issue a restraining order if there is a finding that family violence has occurred and is likely to occur in the future.

The protective order may prohibit the respondent from committing domestic assault, making any threats – directly or indirectly through other people – or going near the other person’s home and workplace. The judge also may require the respondent to attend a battering prevention program, and will require the person to give up possession of guns.

A family law restraining order is valid for as long as the judge specifies, up to two years. If you are sent to jail or prison, the order can last up to one year after you get out.
Even if you and your spouse are planning to reconcile, and invites you over, the police can arrest you if the restraining order is still active.

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