Creating a Texas Professional Limited Liability Company

A professional limited liability company is an organization that is formed by individuals licensed by the state of Texas to perform their licensed tasks. A corporation usually insulates its owner from liability. But a professional organization does not protect its owners from liability for malpractice.

The professional service referred is any personal service that requires a Texas professional license. Classic examples of “professional service” providers are attorneys, architects, dentists, CPAs, physicians, and veterinarians. Except for the obligation that directors and officers of a PLLC must be licensed professionals, the rules regarding the governance of a professional limited liability company are much like those that apply to non-professional corporations.


Creating a Texas PLLC in Waco

You must contact a Waco business lawyer who understands professional limited liability companies if you are interested in forming a professional limited liability company. Dunnam & Dunnam has the experience to advise professionals in the operation and creation of professional limited liability companies in Waco, Texas. Call us at 254-753-6437 to schedule a consultation with a business lawyer in Waco.