Tortious Interference Claims

Claims of tortious interference require a nuanced understanding of tort and contract law. Dunnam & Dunnam lawyers are experienced in navigating the issues presented by tortious interference litigation. Claims of tortious interference can affect all aspects of a business. Attorneys at Dunnam & Dunnam prepare for trial without ever looking back.

To establish a claim for tortious interference with prospective business relations, the plaintiff must show the following:

(1) a reasonable probability that the parties would have entered into a business relationship;
(2) an intentional, malicious intervention or an independently tortious or unlawful act performed by the defendant with a desire to prevent the relationship or with the knowledge the interference was likely to occur as a result of its conduct;
(3) lack of privilege or justification for the defendant’s actions; and
(4) actual harm or damages suffered by the plaintiff as a result of the defendant’s interference.

To show tortious interference with an existing contract, the plaintiff must show:
(1) the existence of a contract subject to interference;
(2) a willful and intentional act of interference;
(3) that the act was a proximate cause of the plaintiff’s damages; and
(4) actual damage or loss.

Tortious interference lawyers in Central Texas are: