Tortious Interference Claims

Claims of tortious interference require a nuanced understanding of tort and contract law. Dunnam & Dunnam lawyers are experienced in navigating the issues presented by tortious interference litigation. Claims of tortious interference can affect all aspects of a business. Attorneys at Dunnam & Dunnam prepare for trial without ever looking back.

To establish a claim for tortious interference with prospective business relations, the plaintiff must show the following:

(1) a reasonable probability that the parties would have entered into a business relationship;
(2) an intentional, malicious intervention or an independently tortious or unlawful act performed by the defendant with a desire to prevent the relationship or with the knowledge the interference was likely to occur as a result of its conduct;
(3) lack of privilege or justification for the defendant’s actions; and
(4) actual harm or damages suffered by the plaintiff as a result of the defendant’s interference.

To show tortious interference with an existing contract, the plaintiff must show:
(1) the existence of a contract subject to interference;
(2) a willful and intentional act of interference;
(3) that the act was a proximate cause of the plaintiff’s damages; and
(4) actual damage or loss.

Tortious interference lawyers in Central Texas are:

Vance Dunnam Waco Attorney at Dunnam & Dunnam

Vance Dunnam

Vance has 60 years of experience as a lawyer in Waco, Texas handling all types of cases in both the office and the courtroom.

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Vance Dunnam Waco Attorney at Dunnam & Dunnam

Vance Dunnam, Jr.

Vance has been licensed by the State Bar of Texas since 1977 and has practiced law in Waco, Texas since 1978.

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Merrilee Harmon Waco Lawyer at Dunnam & Dunnam

Merrilee L. Harmon

Merrilee L. Harmon is a Family Law specialist, Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 1985.

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Andrea Mehta Waco Lawyer at Dunnam & Dunnam

Andrea Michelle Mehta

Andrea's practice focuses primarily in Appellate Law, Civil Trial Law, Family Law, and General Law.

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Jim Dunnam Waco Attorney at Dunnam & Dunnam

Jim Dunnam

Jim Dunnam is a Board Certified Specialist in both Civil Trial Law and Family Law.

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Eleeza Johnson Attorney at Law Dunnam & Dunam

Eleeza Johnson

Eleeza's practice areas include: Personal Injury Law, Civil Trial Law, Commercial Law, Family Law and Pharmaceutical Law.

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Gerald R. Villarrial

Gerald R. Villarrial has practiced family law, criminal law and civil litigation for over 20 years.

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Mason Dunnam

Mason Dunnam is the fourth generation of Dunnam attorneys at the firm since 1925

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Carolina Truesdale

Carolina G. Truesdale graduated from Texas Tech University School of Law, Cum Laude.

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