Waco Estate Litigation Attorneys

Dunnam & Dunnam lawyers have extensive experience in estate litigation. Since estate litigation attorneys at the firm are board certified in Estate Planning and Probate Law, and Civil Trial Law, we can attack Waco probate litigation with an aggressive strategy that can throw the other side off balance. We focus in these areas. Contact our Waco estate litigation lawyers at 254-753-6437 to discuss your Central Texas estate lawsuit.

The events surrounding an estate dispute in Central Texas can create complicated disagreements in a family. In many instances, probate litigation in Waco or Central Texas is completely different from the techniques in any other type of lawsuit.

Waco probate litigation attorneys at Dunnam & Dunnam help clients when disputes come up regarding the administration of trusts and estates, such as trust validity, no-contest clauses, breach of trustee fiduciary duties, will and trust contests, statutory disqualification, characterization of property, apportionment of estate taxes, and many other issues, including how to contest a will in Texas.

Waco estate lawsuits can involve:

• Will Contests
• Who and Where: interested persons and venue
• Trust Disputes
• Guardianship litigation
• Breaches of Fiduciary Responsibility
• Allegations of Misconduct by Fiduciaries or Trustees
• Life Insurance Disputes
• Creditor Claim
• Asset Ownership Disputes
• Suits by creditors
• Surcharge actions
• Accounting for Trust Assets
• Undue Influence Claims
• Testamentary Capacity Disputes

The following attorneys at Dunnam & Dunnam are experienced Waco estate litigation lawyers:

Our Waco estate litigation attorneys can help guide you through this complicated process. Call our experienced Central Texas estate litigation attorneys at 254-753-6437.