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Severing the parent-child relationship is a heavy burden. Having the rights of a parent terminated is an emotionally and legally complicated situation. When parental rights are terminated, that person is no longer the parent of the child. A new birth certificate will be issued, removing the name of the former parent. The terminated parent has no obligation to pay child support

The phrase “parental rights” details the legal rights held by a parent over their child. Those parental rights include decision-making powers about the child’s healthcare, the duty to support the child financially, the right to child custody, and the right to decide the child’s education and religious upbringing. You must get the advice of a Waco family lawyer if you are involved in a dispute about parental rights. 

Suppose you think that your rights are in jeopardy or have been asked to surrender your rights. In that case, you are encouraged to get an experienced family law attorney. The earlier a parent explores guidance and takes action, the higher the possibility that parental rights will not be terminated.

What are the main reasons for terminating parental rights? 

The Texas Family Code governs termination proceedings. When the parent’s rights are terminated against the parent’s wishes, it is called an “involuntary termination.” There are three main reasons that involuntary termination of parental rights occurs in the State of Texas. 

  1. Adoption. 
  2. Danger to the child outweighs the risk that one parent will not adequately support the child. 
  3. There is a need to provide stability for the child, and the parent is absent or dangerous.

Can a parent voluntarily relinquish parental rights to avoid child support? 

No. A Texas family law court has the discretion to deny such an action and will almost always decide that it is not in the minor child’s best interest to have parental rights terminated. 

Why would someone voluntarily give up their rights to a child? 

A parent may realize that they cannot give their offspring the most reliable viable life, whether due to being in and out of jail, mental health issues, or a severe substance abuse problem. 

Parental Rights Terminated in Waco

Having parental rights terminated is a severe action that, in most cases, is permanent and irrevocable. Once a court releases a parent’s rights, that parent can’t get those rights back. It is vital that a parent who is either asked to sign a consent or surrender fully understand the document before signing. Once an approval or surrender is signed and properly executed, a parent who wishes to “undo” such a record must produce evidence that his or her signature was obtained through fraud or deceit.

Terminating Parental Rights in Waco, Texas 

If you find yourself in a termination proceeding, call one of the family law attorneys at Dunnam & Dunnam. The firm has appealed cases to the United States Supreme Court dealing with termination issues. To discuss your termination matter with an experienced Central Texas termination of parent-child relationship attorney, contact one of our family law attorneys at 254-753-6437.

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