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A trade secret is considered any business information that is not generally known to others within the industry. Any closely-held details that give a business a competitive advantage over competitors can be a trade secret, such as the identity of a low-cost supplier, a unique process or manufacturing technique, technical information such as a formula or algorithm, or a business plan. While almost every business has at least some trade secrets, they are quite fragile because they protect information and resources that are secret, which necessarily means that protection is lost if the secret becomes publicly known.

Improper disclosure of a company’s failure if they should become known to the wrong parties. Unlike other types of intellectual property such as patented inventions, trade secrets, and essential know-how can potentially be owned by a single company forever if they can maintain its confidentiality. This can be much easier said than done, especially without a proper trade secret protection program.

Stolen or leaked trade secrets can render millions of dollars’ worth of research and development useless, destroying business in the process. Due to the introduction of the internet, increased employee mobility, and the fast-paced nature of today’s business environment, it has become increasingly difficult for companies to safeguard these assets. For this reason, trade secret protection programs are highly valuable.

If businesses are not proactive to shield this information, these secrets can be stolen or infringed upon by former employees, rivals within the industry, or former business partners. The Waco trade secret attorneys at our firm are familiar with the intricacies of trade secret law and can help protect your company’s confidential information from the wrong hands.

Waco Trade Secret Attorney
For every business, there exists any number of competitors attempting to offer the same or better product or service for less money. Often the only way for a company to stand out from the crowd or find profitable success is to offer something that no one else can, to use, and harbor a trade secret.

According to 18 U.S. Code § 1832, a trade secret may be any:
• Physical object
• Idea
• Formula, process, or pattern
• Collection of information
• According to the same legal statute, a trade secret must also:
• Give its controller or owner a competitive advantage.
• Be hidden from the public or others with reasonable effort.

Texas has adopted the Uniform Trade Secrets Act, which operates in tandem with federal statutes. Due to the uniqueness and potential value of a trade secret, some businesses may attempt to steal them from competitors for their use. As theft of trade secrets is a violation of state and federal laws, it must be taken seriously and addressed immediately with appropriate legal action.

Potential Trade Secret Vulnerability
A trade secret is unique in the way that the law protects it without anyone going through any proper steps or government registration to claim it as their own. To make and keep it as a trade secret, you must only make reasonable efforts to keep the information or object confidential.
Examples of “reasonable efforts” include:
• Password protecting a computer used by more than one person.
• Physically locking away information.
• Encrypting digital information that goes through internet channels.

As informal as it may be to create a trade secret, it can be eliminated just as informally and readily. If your trade secret becomes available to the public – something that becomes easier as time goes by, and we get deeper into the age of networking technology – it is no longer protected as a trade secret.
To protect your company and your profits, whether you are being accused or are the accuser, contact a Waco trade secret misappropriation lawyer at Dunnam & Dunnam.

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