Speeding Car Accident in Waco

When a speeder causes harm to another person because of their high-speed driving, then that person is liable to the person that he injures. Speeding causes about 30% of all accidents. Many people assume that a posted speed limit is an arbitrary decision by the government. It is not. There is a significant study for each road’s speed limit, including the road’s characteristics, shoulder conditions, grade, and sight distance. Our Waco car accident attorneys hold speeders accountable for the injuries that they cause.

Speeding is not just traveling faster than the posted speed limit. It is also driving too fast for the conditions of the road. For example, the presence of construction, school zone, wet, foggy, or icy roads require reduced speed that is less than the posted speed limit. High-speed crashes are avoidable. By not following the law, speeding drivers put all of us at risk. Car wrecks at high speeds leave injury victims with catastrophic injuries.

Drivers can easily exceed the safe speed for any given condition. But that does not make it right. When a vehicle is traveling too fast, it makes the car more challenging to maneuver. Speed reduces the time that the driver has to react to an emergency. If a motorist slows down, an accident can be avoided.

Hurt in a Drag Race

Sometimes people intentionally speed in a drag race. But when drag racing is performed outside of a legal drag strip, it is an unreasonably dangerous activity. It’s not just the participants of a drag race that can be injured. It’s also bystanders and other drivers who are often left with damages because of the drag racer’s recklessness.

Our Results in Personal Injury Matters

  • $27 million settlement in matter involving the close head injury of a two-week-old child. Read about this case as reported by the Waco Tribune Herald, KCEN-TV, Meat & Poultry Magazine and Topverdict.com.
  • $15 million settlement in matter involving the injuries of an ATF agent in the Branch Davidian raid. Read about this case on Justia.com.
  • $1.5 million settlement for the injuries caused by a straw purchase of a gun at a pawn shop. Read about this case as reported by the Waco Tribune Herald, and MoreLaw.com.
  • $800 thousand verdict for motorcycle driver with broken femur involved in collision with a car.

We are proud of our results reported above, but please note that prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome. Each matter depends on the facts of the case.

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