Child Arrested in Waco Area

When your child is arrested in Waco, you need to seek a juvenile justice attorney’s direction. With attorneys board-certified in both family law and criminal law, the lawyers at Dunnam & Dunnam are uniquely equipped to address juveniles’ issues. If you have a juvenile court problem, call the juvenile delinquency attorneys at Dunnam & Dunnam at 254-753-6437. 

You are likely worried about your child’s future. Will your child go to jail? Is the juvenile criminal system different from the adult criminal system? Contacting an attorney to help guide you through the Waco juvenile justice system is the best way to help your child’s life now and in the future. 

Since 1925, Central Texans have trusted Dunnam & Dunnam when it matters most. Our attorneys have the skill, experience, and results to get the job done right for your child. We have handled juvenile offenses involving: 

It is disturbing to parents when their child has been arrested in the Waco area. We want to help you make sure this is not an end of your child’s opportunities in the future, but a way to make sure they stay out of trouble for the rest of their lives. An arrest of your child can become a “teachable moment” for the family. This is an opportunity to put your child in a position to succeed by doing the right thing early in their life. Our family has been helping generations of Central Texans that experienced what you are going through right now. You will not be alone when you’re a client of Dunnam & Dunnam. 

Who is considered a juvenile in Texas? 

For juvenile justice purposes, a child is a person between the ages of 10 and 17. 

Will my child get out of jail? 

The law presumes that the child will be released from jail before trial unless the child is likely to leave the court’s jurisdiction, the child has no adequate supervision from their guardian, the child is a danger to himself or others, or the child has a prior conviction. 

Can my child be tried as an adult? 

Children as young as 14 can be certified as an adult when they commit first degree felonies like capital murder. A child cannot be sentenced to death for crimes committed before 17 years old.

What are the penalties for criminal offenses committed by a child in Texas? 

  • Community service 
  • Confinement by the Texas Youth Commission until age 21. 
  • Driver’s license suspension
  • Deferred prosecution (if the child violates probation during the six months, then the case will be prosecuted) 
  • Probation until age 18 
  • Restitution (having to pay back money to the victim) 

Are juvenile records sealed?

Juvenile records are not automatically sealed. Access to the documents are limited, but they can still be viewed by law enforcement. But your child can ask the court to seal or expunge the records. 

Contact a Waco Child Criminal Defense Attorney 

When your kid is arrested in the Waco area, your time to protect their future is limited. Your family can get stronger through this challenging time. You do not have to be alone. Our family has helped families like yours before. Call us at 254-753-6437.

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We have helped parents and children who have experienced similar problems since 1925. Let us help your family too. Call us at 254-753-6437 to talk about your juvenile justice situation.