Commercial Law

Dunnam & Dunnam is a firm of Texas commercial lawyers. Our endurance as a law firm since 1925 is proof of the quality of our skills, passion, and results. We serve business owners who seek to build and preserve their business. ​We also help individuals involved in business disputes.

Our commercial law attorneys own businesses outside of the law firm and know what it’s like to manage and grow a business in Waco, Texas. We are inspired by that business experience to give our clients the legal tools to build and keep a successful company.

A business should add and enrich your life. And we can help you take the right steps to build the best foundation and grow a company. 

The dedicated Waco business lawyers at our law firm have strong knowledge covering many aspects of Texas commercial law. Negotiations and litigation to resolve business-critical disputes and complicated transactions are all familiar for our Waco commercial lawyers. 

Experienced Waco Commercial Lawyers 

Getting clear legal direction about Texas commercial law matters is of the utmost importance to any sized business. Evenly managing transactions and minimizing disputes can promote success for a business. 

Our attorneys tailor the strategy to our clients’ needs in commercial law cases, seeking efficient resolutions. We handle a far-reaching scope of business law matters in Waco, Texas. 

Litigation is an expensive and time-consuming diversion from your business. It would be best to implement litigation avoidance measures, which begins with well-drafted contracts. Many of the legal disputes we see arise from poorly drafted contracts or someone failing to appreciate the impact of the contract language.

Your company deserves the security of qualified legal counsel in the form of general legal counsel or litigation counsel. Possessing an attorney that you can call and reach on the phone is not a luxury. It’s a necessity in today’s business atmosphere. And it shouldn’t cost you too much to have that access. Dunnam & Dunnam can produce a full range of legal services, and it can do so affordably. Let our experienced Waco commercial attorneys put you in command of your legal difficulties so you can return to operating your company.

Commercial Law Attorney in Waco Texas

If you need a Commercial Law firm or Commercial Law attorney in Waco, Texas, or Central Texas, Dunnam & Dunnam attorneys will prepare the case for trial, not just litigation. Dunnam & Dunnam pours tenacity and experience into every case to pursue the best results for its commercial litigation clients.

Commercial litigation involves prosecuting and defending claims involving commercial transactions. It is also referred to as business litigation. Commercial Law is involved in the preparation and review of legal documents, the resolution of legal disputes by negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation, and the furnishing of other legal advice and services, all concerning matters such as those involving:

The following attorneys at Dunnam and Dunnam engage in the practice of commercial law:

Vance Dunnam Waco Attorney at Dunnam & Dunnam

Vance Dunnam

Vance has 60 years of experience as a lawyer in Waco, Texas handling all types of cases in both the office and the courtroom.

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Vance Dunnam Waco Attorney at Dunnam & Dunnam

Vance Dunnam, Jr.

Vance has been licensed by the State Bar of Texas since 1977 and has practiced law in Waco, Texas since 1978.

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Jim Dunnam Waco Attorney at Dunnam & Dunnam

Jim Dunnam

Jim Dunnam is a Board Certified Specialist in both Civil Trial Law and Family Law.

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Eleeza Johnson Attorney at Law Dunnam & Dunam

Eleeza Johnson

Eleeza's practice areas include: Personal Injury Law, Civil Trial Law, Commercial Law, Family Law and Pharmaceutical Law.

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Gerald R. Villarrial

Gerald R. Villarrial has practiced family law, criminal law and civil litigation for over 20 years.

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Mason Dunnam

Mason Dunnam is the fourth generation of Dunnam attorneys at the firm since 1925

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