Waco Federal Crime Attorney

If you have been accused of a crime in Waco federal court or you are the target of a federal investigation and may face federal charges, this is a dangerous situation. Federal crimes can range from white collar offenses to drug crimes. Many people who are eventually charged for federal crimes are under the scrutiny of federal law enforcement months and sometimes even years prior to being arrested. Federal penalties are much more severe than those imposed by state court. It is essential that a Waco federal criminal charge is dealt with by a defense lawyer with extensive experience in federal court and understanding of the system. The Waco federal criminal defense team at Dunnam & Dunnam includes a board certified former prosecutor that represents those accused in federal cases including drug offenses, sex crimes, weapons charges, internet crime, kidnapping, money laundering, bank robbery, conspiracy, embezzlement, mail fraud, wire fraud and other white collar crimes.

State Criminal Justice System vs Federal Criminal Justice System

The power of the courts is shared between the federal government and the governments of each state. Each has its own court system, completely separate, from courthouse to prosecutors to judges. Federal judges are nominated by the president and approved by the senate, and serve in that capacity for life. Federal prosecutors are some of the toughest prosecutors in the country, and facing charges in federal court is much more serious than any criminal offense filed in state court, both in how the case will be tried and in the level of penalties that can be imposed in a conviction.

Federal Charges will Require a Skilled Federal Lawyer for the Defense

If you are facing charges in Waco federal court, it is imperative that you highly skilled defense counsel to represent you. Federal crimes carry heavier penalties than those imposed at the state court level. The federal courts have jurisdiction over cases in which it is alleged that a violation of the constitution or any federal law has taken place. Members of the Armed Forces who have been convicted in military court have the right to seek to appeal a decision through the U.S. Military Court of Appeals. Crimes that are punished under federal statutes include treason, piracy, counterfeiting, and criminal acts that violate federal government’s authority regarding interstate commerce. Violations of securities laws will also be filed and tried in the federal court system.

Federal Sentencing Guidelines

The federal sentencing guidelines are rules that federal judges are required to consider when sentencing someone who has been convicted of a crime. Intended to give federal judges fair and consistent sentencing ranges to consult when they are handing down a sentence, the guidelines are based on both the seriousness of the crime and the particular offender’s characteristics and criminal record.

The guidelines are not mandatory. (United States v. Booker, 543 U.S. 20 (2005).) But a judge who wants to impose a sentence that is different—whether it’s harsher or more lenient—from the one calculated by using the guidelines must explain the decision. If you have been accused of a crime in federal court, it is critical that your attorney understand the federal sentencing guidelines. The formulas provided by the guidelines determine the potential exposure faced by the accused.

Conviction Percentage in Federal Court

The conviction percentage in federal court is higher than 90%. It could not be more important that you have a highly skilled defender if you are facing federal charges. Your defense case must be carefully crafted, fully supported by evidence and testimony, and must be presented to the court professionally. The preparation of the defense case will require exceptional insight into the process, how to present the evidence supporting your case in a cohesive, well-planned manner, and a full understanding of federal law, including any case law. The research and case preparation can be extensive, and may require the support of professional resources such as independent computer analysts, financial experts or others that could contribute testimony to support your defense case.

Waco Federal Court

The Waco federal courthouse is located at 800 Franklin Ave # 140, Waco, TX 76701. Waco Federal Judge Alan Albright was appointed by President Trump. He was a patent litigator in Austin and federal magistrate judge before coming to Waco.

Waco Federal Criminal Lawyer

When people are accused of federal crime in Waco, they often hire lawyers from Houston, Dallas or Austin. That decision deprives the local defendant of critical information about the local judge, jury and prosecutors. If you need an aggressive federal criminal defense attorney in Waco, call us at 254-753-6437.