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Our Waco truck accident lawyers study truck accidents. There are more than 5,000 deaths per year from the 500,000 trucking accidents that occur in the United States. When a commercial box truck and tractor-trailer combinations, which are also called 18 wheelers, collides with another object, personal injury lawyers refer to it as a trucking accident. When a trucking accident occurs, it is essential to contact a truck accident lawyer to determine whether you can be compensated for the accident.

Semi-truck owners are required to carry more extensive insurance coverage, the trucks are subject to a strictly controlled maintenance schedule, and drivers are required to track and limit their time on the road. But many trucking companies pressure their drivers to drive without sleep to get to their destination. This creates fatigue for the truck driver. And when fatigued, a truck driver is more likely to travel at excessive speed and reckless driving. Also, an 18 wheeler is a complicated vehicle. The pressure to perform can lead to skipping maintenance that leads to difficulty stopping while going downhill, brake failure, and mechanical failure.

Our truck accident lawyers have seen many causes of these accidents. They can often include drug use and intoxication, failing to provide proper training, improper lane change, incorrect stopping distance, defective equipment, failing to perform legally required vehicle inspections, violations of the federal motor carrier safety regulations, an inexperienced driver, an unqualified driver and road defects. Our team of trucking accident attorneys will investigate your accident with the help of experts to determine the most likely cause of your 18 wheeler accident.

While you wait for the conclusion of your truck accident claim, your truck accident attorney can work around the clock to address issues such as medical bills, calls from creditors, communications from insurance companies, and legal fees.

Hurt in a Truck Wreck

Our truck accident attorneys have seen many catastrophic injuries result from truck wrecks, including amputationback injurybrain injuriesburn injuryfatal accidentsneck painparalysisspinal cord injury, and shoulder injury. If you or someone close to you has an injury from a trucking accident, you must have a free consultation with an 18 wheeler accident lawyer.

Truck accidents are different because of the weight and size of the vehicle. And your case will hinge on the understanding of the federal safety regulations involving the truck involved. Our truck accident attorneys will study the technology that the trucking company used, fuel consumed, and tracking of the driver’s movement by the trucking company to determine whether the trucking company was responsible for your accident.

The types of truck accidents that occur on our Waco roads vary with the size, weight, and build of the commercial trucking vehicle. Crashes that are unique to semi-truck accidents include jackknife, rollover, tire blowout, wide turn, underride, blind spot, rear-end collisions, and lost load. Our trucking accident lawyers will examine your matter to determine who and what caused the wreck. For example, a jackknife indicates that the driver used improper braking on a hill or a turn. When a tire blows out on a truck, it shows improper maintenance by the trucking company.

What to do if you’re injured in a semi-truck accident?

Our 18 wheeler accident lawyers have achieved success for their clients in trucking accident cases. These matters have produced tens of millions for Dunnam & Dunnam clients. The insurance company from the trucking company has an army of lawyers working for it. The stakes are significantly higher, and there are a variety of complicated issues that must be investigated. They have those trucking accident lawyers because the insurance company knows that it needs them to navigate the complicated scene of truck accidents. You need someone to represent your interests too. We are here to answer questions that you have about personal injury lawsuits

Hire a Waco Trucking Accident Lawyer

Our dedicated 18 wheeler accident lawyers hold the insurance company, truck driver, trucking company, and all other liable parties responsible. Whether you have suffered from life-altering injuries, such as a spinal cord injury, brain injury, herniated disk, or lost a family member or friend to fatal injuries in a truck accident, our trucking accident lawyers can help. Our Waco 18 wheeler crash attorneys at Dunnam & Dunnam have a successful track record of representing trucking accident victims.

Our Central Texas 18 Wheeler Attorneys, Waco Semi-Truck Crash Attorneys, and Waco Truck Accident Attorneys include these lawyers.

Our Waco personal injury lawyers have represented accident victims in Waco since 1925. We are here to get you through this together. Our goals are the same—to make sure you can get on with your life and that your legal interests are protected. Although every case is different, we have recovered millions for Waco injury victims. We are here to answer questions about your case. In the meantime, you can read a few of the general frequently asked questions about personal injury claims while you wait to schedule a free legal consultation with one of our Waco attorneys.

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